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Red Lobster's Buying Guide For Fresh Fish
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Cooking Directions:
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Evaluating fresh fish is easy once you
have learned the basic methods for
determining its quality.

1. Flesh -- The flesh should be firm and elastic to the touch, and should
not be separating from the bone. Fillets should have a fresh cut
appearance and the color should resemble freshly dressed fish.

2. Appearance -- Fresh fillets, steaks, chunks, cuts, etc. should look
moist, firm, and practically free of any brownish streaks throughout the
meat. If, when you press your finger into the flesh, there is an
indentation that fills with liquid, or if there is excessive liquid in the
package, the fish has probably been frozen and thawed.

3. Eyes -- If present, the eyes should be bright, clear, transparent,
full, and protruding. As fresh fish ages, the eyes will become cloudy and
sunken and often turn pink.

4. Gills -- If present, the gills should be bright red and free of slime.
As the fish begins to deteriorate, the gills change color, fading to a
pink, then gray. Eventually they will become brownish and greenish.

5. Skin -- The skin should be vibrant and bright. Any skin markings
(color, spots, stripes) should be distinct.

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